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Our Servant Leadership Values

1: Values diverse opinions

2: Cultivates a culture of trust

3: Develops other leaders

4: Helps people with life issues

5: Encourages

6: Shares lessons learned   

7: Thinks you, not me

8: Thinks long-term

9: Acts with humility


Story of Perseverance and Character

After Douglas Scott - Alias Scotty survived a bad car accident in 2015, and four long years of rehabilitation, his veteran comeback story now inspires others that Miracles do happen.


No, Scotty's not all better after four brain injuries but continue to remain military grade tough each day.


It has taken five years of neuro-cognitive therapy but very thankful, grateful, and blessed in hopes to encourage others less fortunate.  


It pays to have a sense of humor when forgetting even the simplest of things often stumbling with my words and numbers. For awhile I feel like I’m back in the great game of business, then the next moment it’s what Scotty calls his  Forest Gump time.


A new book entitled Creating AWE for Business, Project, and Agile Management tells his comeback story but also offers inspiration to project managers and global engineering teams to use unified communications tools to deliver innovation.


All felt hopeless when a former NFL doctor measured four brain injuries and the Neurologist shared they were impacting his cognitive reasoning, speech, hearing, and balance.  The doctors and the family attorney advised them to file for disability right away but that's just not Scotty. Medical bills overtook all major credit cards and the lake side home that they had work so hard for was on the verge of foreclosure. By tapping both retirement plans they managed to keep our lake place.


When he could not read or write well, a mobile dictation tool enabled my capture of award winning methods before they may be gone forever. My friend and professional colleague Anthony Washington created a book entitled Creating AWE for Business, Project, and Agile Management with these unique global team agility practices.


A miracle happened just before Christmas 12/4/2018 when Cisco Networks came across my LinkedIn profile reflecting his past gold and silver performance awards. The work was 100% remote work leading complex network and security infrastructure projects with amazing global engineering teams. 


Scotty has worked on some of the largest projects in network infrastructure and security working with distributed engineering teams and 3rd party remote vendors.  The book captures team collaboration techniques used to consistently bring projects of all sizes across the finish line to the delight of executives.