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Remote Teaming Solutions

Just a small part to help teams during these tough times we are offering accelerated work effort to the #coronavirus


We are offering our best-in-class channel partners with over 30 experience supporting 911 mode.


Remote Workers Support Infrastructure Solutions:

- High mobility executive teams with Office 365 Plus. 

- Staff Office Teams Office 365 Applications. 

- Team VPN with two factor security authentication.

- Transfer calls easy to Voice over IP Phones

- Office 365 Licenses to migrate POP3/SMTP

- Adobe Scanned Document with Searchable Encrypted Storage Solution   


Network, Security and Cyber Managed Services: 

- Monitoring Network Endpoints

- Cybersecurity as a Service

- Penetration Testing As a Service


Downloading our Free Environment Specification to accelerate your needs assessment.  Just complete it and send back toward a quote for services.

Environment Specification
Please accept this small part to helping business owners and workers impacted by this horrible virus outbreak.
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Cyber Security as a Service

We’re on a mission to stop breaches.


Let's face it, SOC analysts are facing a daunting challenge and responsibility of quickly identifying critical threats to limit the risk and damage to the organization, and yet they must do so amid less than ideal data on the trail left by bad actors especially their next moves.


The project assembles only the best-in class cyber security engineers, tools, and AI engines to rapidly match most likely cyber threat actors to APT as a service to Global Security Operations Centers.


Cross-layered detection and response.  Automatic collection and correlation of data sources from multiple security layers – email, endpoint, server, cloud workloads, and network. 


Results: Faster detected and blocking to improve investigation and apprehension response times.


Project Boomerang builds the first cyber-hunting object data library of tools, procedures, and favorite locations of bad actors. 


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Mobile Commerce Accelerator

We make mobile commerce faster for frictionless customer experiences.


Solution architecture offers the only zero code change solution to rapid e-commerce to mobile commerce.


5 Times Faster Than the closest RAD platform Today!


Unifies traditional desktop, mobile, and app strategies by enabling enterprises to leverage their current web infrastructure including existing business logic, assets, and workflows. 


Live preview URL so QA, PMs, designers and other team members can preview the new feature on their devices and more easily discover regressions.


 A serverless platform which combines an application-aware CDN with various speed-oriented web technologies.


Imagine a dynamic website frontend and make it load in less than one second.