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We don’t sell products, we solve big problems by listening and creating accelerated work effort - AWE streamlined execution plans for repeatable success. 

Corona virus Remote Team Solutions

Just a small part to help teams during these tough times we are offering accelerated work effort to the #coronavirus


We are offering our best-in-class channel partners with over 30 experience supporting 911 mode.


Remote Workers Support Infrastructure Solution:

- High mobility executive teams with Office 365 Plus. 

- Staff Office Teams Office 365 Applications. 

- Team VPN with two factor security authentication.

- Transfer calls easy to Voice over IP Phones

- Office 365 Licenses to migrate POP3/SMTP

- Adobe Scanned Document with Searchable Encrypted Storage Solution   


Network, Security and Cyber Managed Services: 

- Monitoring Network Endpoints

- Cybersecurity as a Service

- Penetration Testing As a Service


Downloading our Free Environment Specification to accelerate your needs assessment.  Just complete it and send back toward a quote for services.

Environment Specification
Please accept this gesture of well wishes and support during the tough times for everyone. As a part of our commitment to helping business owners respond to support remote work from home workers, please find our technology needs assessment.
Environment Specifications.docx
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Project Boomerang AI the Cybercriminal's Worst Nightmare

Project Boomerang build the first cyber-hunting object data library. 


Assembles the combined data of all active advanced persistent threats - APT from multiple endpoint IDS into MixMode, EndGame, then uses AI engines to match most likely cyber threat actors based on the Einstein, Autonomy, Watson knowledge-bases.  




Putting Cybercriminals to work:

Instead of wasting away in jail, create a closed system without internet or network access of any kind.  Funding can come from the prison reform bills.  These criminals might not get out but could work with tools of their trade to create the actor profiles like a back-office of cyber crime-fighters.


Accelerated Work Effort team has already begun by building these object data libraries.  Prototype of cartology data library



The big data lake assembled will feed robotic process automation will provide the teams the best prescribed Offensive counter-measures.