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We protect undersea communications with 11 layers of protection but most businesses today have limited cyber threat defenses. 

Buying cyber insurance doesn’t mean you no longer have to worry about cyber attacks...

Your company may have already invested heavily in setting up strong security team and defense posture but when you experience a breach, you will the best team to remediate the incident right away.  

Managed security services or SOC SaaS is a best in class SIEM designed with an automated threat priority workflow.  

Unlike another one of those fancy analytics dashboards, this is a team using real-time SOC workflow. The advanced self-learning AI enables analysts to intuitively focus on the security threats that matter most.

Managed security services that enables protection for your all their applications, data, and workloads regardless if they’re on-premises or in multiple clouds.

The average enterprise has around 500 products in its tech stack and uses more than 1,100 APIs. Add in 16 million new remote users, and you’re managing more than ever before. How can you manage it all? Learn how...

While moving quickly to catch lateral moves is key but far more important to figure out how that breach happened even if all your defenses have been set up properly. 


We focus on early detection and preemptive response before intrusions damage the rest the network. The bad guys are already using AI. It’s a cyber war defending companies today.


If you are already spending over 100k per year on internal security services to the business then you know how time consuming cybersecurity really is. 


Just keeping up on team member training on the latest tools to defend your data can be a daunting task when it’s not really your thing.


Start enjoying more time to focus on your core business, while we take care of Cybersecurity.  



Continuous Monitoring and Hunting as a Service


Imagine real-time monitoring cross-checks against aggregated threats, identifies red flags, and continuously monitors for potential risks. 


Our mission is to find flaws and vulnerabilities. These services detect and fix bugs before the public hears about them, in order to prevent incidents of widespread abuse.

With the recent state sponsored hacking FireEye, SolarWinds, and Juniper cold case, now third party risk controls are slowing the deployment of more advance threat tools. 

Posture changes affecting digital security leaders in the wake of the COVID19. 


1.) #DigitalEmpathy : make sure remote work force has positive, inclusive and #secure experience to enable productivity.


2.) #Zerotrust is the way forward; enabling remote connectivity faster and more securely.


3.) Diverse data sets means better #ThreatIntelligence: with huge increase in cyber attacks, more data has been collected to enable better cyber security controls.


4.) #CyberResiliency is fundamental to business operators : Cyber resiliency is now a must have, not a nice time have.


5.) The #Cloud is a security imperative: leveraging Cloud tech improves #SecurityPosture significantly.



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“Cyber hacking has now become the biggest threat to investors’ financial well-being,” said Andrew Stoltmann, a Chicago-based lawyer and former president of the Public Investors Advocate Bar Association. “Unfortunately, brokerage firms haven’t invested the money needed in order to keep cyber hacking of brokerage accounts from happening.” 

Business Case:

In 2020, one of the leading Cybersecurity hunting organizations conducted in-depth research on threat hunting in SOC detection and response.


Key findings from Surveying 400 cybersecurity professionals:


  • 82% of respondents agree that attackers typically dwell in a network between 1-15 days, on average,before they’re discovered by the SOC. Only 13% report they can detect attacks within the same day, and almost half of organizations (47%) within 5 days.
  • Respondents think 38% of advanced, emerging threats are missed by traditional security tools.
  • Organizations confirm that it takes 4x more time to detect threats without a threat hunting solution, and more than twice the time to investigate threats without a threat hunting solution.
  • The most important capability that cybersecurity professionals consider critical to the effectiveness of their threat hunting solutions is automatic detection (69%), followed by threat intelligence (62%), and integration and normalization of multiple data sources (48%).
  • The top benefits organizations derive from threat hunting automation include improved detection of advanced threats (63%), followed by reduced investigation time (55%), and saving time manually correlating events (47%).
  • Attackers typically dwell in a network between 1-15 days before they’re discovered by the SOC. Only 13% of SOC analysts report they can detect attacks within the same day.



Cost Avoidance

Ponemon 2017 Avg. Cost of Data Breach Study (06/2017): $3.62 million. The mean time to identify (MTTI) was 191 days, with a range of 24 to 546 days. The mean time to contain (MTTC) was 66 days with a range of 10 to 164 days and 60% of data breaches are attributed to passwords, un-secure email, and insider employee data compromises.

Largest Data Breaches:

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Now is the time to Take Action!


If your company has 500 associates including 3rd party vendors. This often creates over 1,000 endpoints to manage across mobile devices, tablets, WiFi access points, and firewalls.


Sure you can try to do it yourself but face governance, risk, and compliance (GRC) regulation.  Many are facing years of remediation steps around every corner. 


We offer a clear alternative to focus on your core business while our team actively monitor 100% of your endpoints.


Cyber managed services contain threats as soon as they are detected. Also finds past undiscovered threats to block them.


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