13. July 2020
The right way to secure new remote workers.
15. March 2020
Coronavirus Work from Home, No Problem You Got This!

10. March 2020
Widows of fallen military service members and first responders bonded together during a three-day retreat in Los Angeles, California, last week. Organized by Never Alone-Widows of Heroes, women participating in the retreat came from across the country, having lost their husbands in the last five years.
Recognition · 02. February 2020
This new book Accelerated Work Effort - AWE helps teams work smarter by setting the stage for success together. These unique practices helps teams prevent burning out and avoid producing low-quality work. It also avoids 11th hour rushed changes with costly mistakes. Here is a great course to learn more with Google’s featured lesson "Work Smarter (Not Harder) →Click Here

Agile for Infrastructure · 28. January 2020
Celebrating a huge victory this week after recognizing the entire team the delivered Pervasive Wifi at the tallest buildings in Charlotte NC. These talented teams delivered next generation solution for Bank of America Corporate Center on 10/25 and this week One Bank in Charlotte NC. Well over 1,300 devices with no major issues. These are two of the largest building in the region and Pervasive Wifi paves the way for future 5G to Wifi6. Agile, It's not just for Software any more.
Communications · 22. January 2020
We have all hear it before communications is everything but in projects it really is the root cause of most failed delivery.

Building Information Management - BIM
BIM · 22. January 2020
Building Information Modeling - BIM requires additional team collaboration and coordination to deliver complex projects.
Compete · 07. December 2019
Accelerated Work Effort or AWE, helps eliminate barriers between operational teams by empowering people to make better decisions faster. With a proven track record of connecting global teams across the world since late 2009. AWE has unified communications and collaboration for operational savings bridging business to technology coordination. AWE simplified action items into achievable incremental wins to motivate and orchestrate magic. AWE define success up front and estimates timelines based...

Market Launch · 05. December 2019
We are happy to announce our market launch of AWE to the world. The book is available from all major booksellers and direct from our publisher. Many companies have attempted to implement popular methodologies (think Six Sigma, Agile, SCRUM, etc.) in a bid to enhance communication with remote work forces and technical vendor teams. Get your copy today! http://bit.ly/accelerateprojectroi