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Public Sector:


Annual Security Compliance Assessment

and Remediation Project 

Location - Data Center Hosting Services (DCHS, 24 x 7 x 365. Facility formerly NITC - Data Center - Security Compliance by Accelerating execution plans for INFOSEC, FISMA / NIST 800-53A FedRamp security assessments by 50% using DISA gold disk resulting in a zero defect rating for the USDA at NITC data centers for Mainframe, Windows, Linux, UNIX, AS400, Citrix, VMware, SQL Server, Oracle, Middleware MQ Series, checkpoint, citrix netscaler, juniper and cisco firewall rules, and Load Balancing.  The cyber security, network, and application, web ad database server teams performed the assessment so well that the data center leveled up their score-card without receiving a single Plan of Action and Milestones (POA&M).



Security Compliance Assessment Project

Created IV&V interactive dashboard of areas across NITC where attention was needed to complete Process and Procedures documentation toward Certification and Accreditation.  The dashboard helped the CTO identify areas of risk of outdated procedure documentation toward remediation and ongoing maintenance actions.  



Court Systems - Topeka US Trustees solution architect/project manager implemented Wifi and VPN access to law office documents from the courtrooms saving time and money.  Updates to docket notes, first time up, continued confirmation and miscellaneous dockets.  Disaster recover plan and annual table-top walk-through for continuity validation and documentation updates with offsite storage.




Private Sector:


Bank of America Safenet / Gemalto, 

Contactless payments (NFC) - In 2010 the market adoption was too early but has now become the foundation for NFC at point of sale devices and the latest NFC cards.  


- Check Image Deposit Patented Process - The largest mainframe re-write of the deposit system in 2010 for ATM and later Mobile Banking customers. 


- Private Cloud Factory - 2012 - 2013 Cloud Factory servers, storage consolidations across all global data centers wins the green team of the year award.  $140 billion in low-carbon and sustainable business activities across the globe teaming with U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC) unveiled LEED


- Merrill Lynch Webfarm Assessment for migration to the cloud along with SolarWinds Network Configuration Manager (NCM) and Network Performance Monitor (NPM)



Billboard / Nielsen BDS. Role as chief engineer just after proof of concept phase building encoding studios to support the build, release, and deploy digital the first digital detection for radio and television and music broadcast.  The amazing technology used in Navy sonar like digital pattern detection was used to recognize music broadcasts over the air.  The invention revolutionized the way ASCAP, BMI, Billboard, and now Nielsen tracks Artist’s market share and revenue from air play. 



Carbon Credit - Building Infrastructure Management - BIM.

Created the job board and employer subscriber solution for clean tech jobs in one of the first green data centers.  Quickly became the leading career website in the United States for environmental professionals in Solar, and Wind. The job board was the first specific Leed Certified Chief Engineers in Renewable Energy, Water, Energy Efficiency and Sustainable Environmental Industries.  The solution provided the foundation for company green carbon neutral initiatives.  Carbon Management in Infrastructure standard by 2080.  Pamela Fehl’s book entitled Green Careers and Sustainable Industry magazine September 2010 issue.  Maximize the reduction in both carbon and cost of global warming.



HP and Cisco - IoTAI-powered ClearPass Device Insight and Expanded Wi-Fi 6. Open Roaming Pervasive Wifi lays the ground work for future 5G to Wifi6 throughout Canada and two of the largest buildings in Charlotte NC.  The first one a 60 story monster with over 900 Aruba access points delivered on 10/25/2019 and the second a 40 story on 1/24/2020 with over 500 access points.  The project installed with new switches IEEE 802.3 PoE+ or PoE plus which provides up to 25.5 W of power for Type 2 devices. paves the way for next generation 5G seamless transition to WiFi 6 in the future.



DineBrands - Project proof of concept to deployment with new security and firewall to upgrade all locations to the latest credit card industry EMV and Point-to-Point Encryption (P2PE) with 3rd party vendors MerchantLinkSyniverse



X Games Barcelona – 2013 

Projects for software for iBeacon from proof of concept to provide Technology Foundation for the  and following events to follow. Accelerated the proof of concept of smartphone customer data capture in unique retail environments with customer experience for major brands to maximize their revenue potential.



VSS Projects for Hardware, Software, Storage, Network, and Security Upgrades.  Accelerated solution delivery for Advance Auto PartsForwardAirRLJ Entertainment, Avita Pharmacy, Holy Name Medical Center, and Huntington Hospital.



H&R Block - AloricaGenpact, Teleperformance Project to increase  capacity to handle over 1 million call per hour with IVR/CTI/NLP to CRM agent desktops call center in the US and Philippines.


e-Commerce to Mobile Commerce

Accelerator of any e-commerce site to mobile commerce in 9 Weeks or less without code changes on the original site. 

First use cases for Anglular SPA, mobile, Java BFF, AMP, Node.js, React PWA,  Akamai, and Vue SPA


RLJ Entertainment Update of critical business infrastructure with the latest intrusion detection for protection and cyber posturing defenses.


Qualcomm Retail Solutions, Inc. (QRS) and Boston Retail Partner - MLB Stadiums are equipped with Bluetooth Low Emission lighting and wifi.  Retail Dive shared the NFL recently leveraged beacons at MetLife Stadium and Times Square for the Super Bowl. The NFL placed Qualcomm’s Gimbal product to deliver hyper-personalized messaging and advertising via the NFL Mobile app.




Visa & MasterCard Contactless payments (NFC)

Project work from the proof of concept in the Concord CA labs with HSM encryption to two factor authentication for onboarding smart devices during the New York market trial to enable Near Field Communication at the point of sale payment devices. 



YRCW - Five frieght companies Holland, Reddaway, Best Way, Roadway, USF technology mergers of mainframe systems, AS-400, Microsoft, Open systems, Peoplesoft, Clarity etc...



Over the years, AWE has overcome Naysayers, Silos, constraints, and still delivered using existing tools. 


When they said it could not be done...


- Building Information Management - BIM Projects  

for Pervasive WIFI


- RPA - Robotic Process Automation


- Customer-First Optimized Sales Lifecycle


- High-performance Network and Compression


- Smart-Geo-Spacial Audience Reach


- Web to Mobile Commerce Without Coding in 9 weeks or less


- Data Protection Security HSM Crypto-Tech


- Cyber Security Cognitive Threat Analytics


- Software Build Automation 



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