Channel Partners

We Just Partner Differently

We are not Resellers

We Solution Architects as Project Leads for the executives.


Customer-first solutions offering only best in-class channel partners.


Our partners immerse themselves in next generation technologies.  We accelerate the lengthy process of RFI to RFP in unprecedented ways to the delight of executives.


Our partners increase their business opportunities offering a consistent solutions to tackle the client's "next big thing" making a huge difference together.  


We sit on the customer side of the table to ensure they understand what the company is going to get for the investment. 

Software Development

In today’s competitive and disruptive market your software must be built to deliver transformational outcomes for the business. We transform ideas into  highly functional software solutions that will solve your key business challenges, help you become more innovative and drive high quality and predictable outcomes to constantly grow your business.

Mobile App Development

Reliable mobile applications focused on great UX, built to resist under the highest demand and meet continuous integration standards.

Machine Learning (AI) & Robotic Process Automation -RPA

Focused on extracting value from massive & complex data through the design, development & deployment of intelligent applications. 


A culture of continuous integration, delivery, and analysis of data at all stages. Infrastructure automation, cost optimization and constant monitoring.


No matter what your development needs are, we are here to help your projects move forward with agility.

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Level-Up on Performance Monitoring

  • End-to-end Visibility for your EUC/VDI Deployment
  • Application-centric insights for ITOps, NetOps and SecOps teams
  • Deploy in less than an hour with no hardware needed
  • Correlated Monitoring across the Full IT Stack in a Single Product
  • Agentless & Automated Application Dependency Mapping across Cloud Boundaries
  • Application-Centric Anomaly Behavior Analytics and Cyber Threat Monitoring
  • Workload Rightsizing Recommendations for Hybrid Cloud
  • Proactively prevent problems before Business Impact
  • Generate Migration Assessment Reports in a Single Click


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Monitoring 3 - 5,000 Vendors/Suppliers is like a 9,000 Pound Gorilla Until Now!

Supply Chain Security - #SCM

Vendor Management Systems - #VMS

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The very best-in-class critical business data protection for financial, retail, and contactless digital transactions.

Ask for the Thales and Scotty solution set.  

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Introducing the first autonomous threat hunting solution that searches attack techniques and finds cyber attacks that are often bypassed by current security solutions.


The only Self-learning AI system that proactively Intercepts clever threats through autonomous threat hunting.


Cyber attackers don’t cover their tracks anymore, they blend in. AI detects threats and correlates them across a multitude of surfaces, speeding enterprise breach detection & response, at last.


This scales threat hunting techniques and detects cyber attacks that often bypass existing security solutions.


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Assessments for Savings

Book a meeting to Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) POTS/Dial Tone, Long Distance, Toll-Free, T-1 PRI, Integrated T-1, SIP Trunking, VoIP, Hosted PBX, Conferencing, Voice Audits, IP Migration Strategies, etc.


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We drive innovation, together. 

360 degree referrals to achieve better outcomes with the best-in-class market-leaders.


With AWE channel partners you can plan on real benefits:

  • Extend your total addressable market 
  • On average your growth will realize up to a 4-to-1 ratio in services to product revenue 


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