The right way to secure new remote worker

There are some fundamental TRUTHS we can use to create a solution.


Some of these truths are:


A VPN Tunnel is essentially a TRUST between two endpoints.

Using RDP to access a work computer from a home computer through a VPN is NOT SECURE BY DEFAULT.


RANSOMWARE is a perilous and genuine threat to EVERY Business, more so now than ever.


Because of TRUTH 1, the home device is an EndPoint, and thus, it can infect the Corporate Network easily and repeatedly.


Because of TRUTH 2, it is not enough to "limit" traffic to RDP alone, and then assume that the Corporate Network is secure. Giving Ransomware millions of new entry points to the Corporate Network will be devastating to those companies in 2-4 months.


So while VPN does not necessarily mean SECURE, every company can take steps to create a SECURE Remote Work Method for its users.


Our channel partner KIS is giving this information to every company that contacts us, as we feel it is our responsibility to help everyone adjust to the "new normal."


In 30 minutes, KIS can provide you with detailed information, tailored to your organization, on how you can adjust your approach to create a truly secure, workable solution for your end-users. Big or small, we can help. 


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